How to Level Your Yard and Revive Your Lawn with A Mini Excavator or Mini Digger for Hire at Comply Civil Inner West Sydney

At Comply Civil, you'll find the mini excavator or mini digger for hire that exactly fits your needs, and an operator who knows how to handle the machine. However, some tasks aren't too difficult to master, and you can do these yourself. We're happy to teach you the techniques and give you some practical tips.

Do you want to level your yard? Perhaps, after years of neglect, the lawn offers a pitiful impression with unsightly moss and weeds rather than tender grass. Here and there, holes may be left where you once cleared shrubs and bushes, perhaps planning to build a barbecue.

What should you do to level the soil and ready it for sowing grass? Which devices do you need and in which order?

Scraping Off the Grass and Removing it with a Comply Civil Mini Digger for Hire

Start by scraping off and removing the existing grass. You can do this task manually, with a shovel and wheelbarrow, but our mini digger for hire at Inner West Sydney will do the work much quicker. Your time is precious. You're already looking forward to the result which will look much cleaner too, making it easier to continue. Depending on your garden's dimensions, the digging work can be reduced from several days to just a few hours.

You can also employ your mini excavator for hire at Inner West for the next phase of your gardening project: raising the soil so that the surface becomes level. Any clean soil will do, but for a lawn, loam soil is best, since it drains well and contains the right proportions of clay, sand and humus. Consider mixing the soil with 5 to 10 cm of compost for optimal growth.

Soil Tillage

Once you've levelled your garden, you'll have to till the soil. Again, you can do this manually, but we highly recommend you hire a rototiller. Contact us if you're not sure where to find a tillage machine for hire. We'll supply you with a list of reliable companies. With a high-quality tiller, your work will be done in a jiffy, and the result will be a feast for the eyes. Also, use your tiller to distribute starter fertiliser and soil conditioner into the soil. Rake to level it out, removing any rocks or other debris.

To apply the seed, you can hire a seed spreader, but we recommend using your tiller instead. This will significantly reduce your cost since you'll pay the same rent to do multiple tasks. Divide your grass seed into four equal parts and distribute each load in a different direction to ensure even dispersal. Rake the soil lightly so that a thin layer covers the seed. All you need to do now is water, roll the lawn surface, and wait until the grass starts growing.

For more tips on how to make the most of a mini excavator for hire at Inner West, do get in touch. We are happy to share our know-how.


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