Build a Driveway Using Sydney Earthmoving Equipment and Hire a Mini Excavator Digger

Comply Civil has all the resources you need to start and complete your big landscaping projects. One of the most common projects that Sydney residents run into is building a driveway. Let’s review some of the major techniques that you’ll need to be aware of when hiring earthmoving equipment in Sydney.

Prepare to Build Driveway with a Digger Hire in Sydney

One significant project that requires a lot of thought and effort, as well as a mini digger hire in Sydney, is building a driveway. The first step is to review all permits and licenses that you’ll need from civic authorities to clear the land and build the driveway. That can be municipal government, a homeowners’ association, or an inspection organisation.

Next, plan the driveway itself by measuring appropriately and sketching your idea out on paper or a computer. Once that’s done, you’ll want to physically plot the path to get a good visual sense of the project and determine what features of the land will require removal. As this is an expensive project, you want to be efficient, but consider what kind of space you’ll need for turning around and parking. A good rule of thumb is to allow six metres across for a car to be able to turn safely, and seven metres for a truck or SUV.

Once you have the dimensions, you’ll want to figure out how much concrete or bitumen you’ll need to complete the project. Determine as well what kind of forms and reinforcement materials you’d like to use; pine boards (2.5cm x 10cm) will often suffice as a cost-effective and sturdy option, along with 10cm stakes to reinforce.

Use Comply Civil to handle your excavator hire; Sydney residents often find the professional service and location to be quite convenient for their projects. Many will discover that a mini excavator hire in Sydney is all that is necessary, as this will be another budget-conscious option to get the job done. Comply Civil can also handle the excavation and removal of detritus with our earthmoving services.

Use These Steps When Constructing the Driveway

Once you’ve dug up the earth a few centimetres down, add clay, sand, or gravel as appropriate to make a firm, stable base to support the concrete. Lay in the stakes and forms to define the driveway, then compact the base. Use fill material as above for areas that aren’t even. Ensure that you have about 10cm to work with when it comes time to lay the concrete. At that point, compact the fill material with a plate compactor, then lay out reinforcing steel to strengthen the concrete against the elements.

From here, swiftly lay out the concrete, flatten and level it, insert contraction joints about 2.5cm deep every 1.2m or so, and texture (if desired) then cure the concrete.

Comply Civil is the Right Place for Mini Digger Hire in Sydney

We offer professional earthmoving services, and reliable fleet and digger hire in Sydney. Our friendly and thorough service will leave you smiling. Contact us today to learn more about what Comply Civil can do for you.

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